Friday, September 16, 2011

How I failed the hunger challenge and skirt month in one day

So I didn't actually fail the skirt month thing. I mean, I did wear a new (thrifted, duh) skirt yesterday. But the outfit was CRAP. Which is kind of how I felt after failing on the Hunger Challenge. And then my day was too long and at 1:38am last night I was too wiped to blawg all about it.

It's terribly embarrassing to fail the Hunger Challenge and I have no excuse. That's not just a trite phrase to me, but true. I have no excuse. I am busy, yes, but no busier than many. I had a stressy day, but no more stressful than many. I would love to blame the mister, but while he hasn't been doing the challenge with me, he has been totally supportive and asked me about nine times what we were doing for dinner - and would have eaten whatever I made.

No, I just didn't feel like it. I just didn't feel like continuing the challenge. That is all. The whole story, right there.

I almost didn't say a damn thing on this here blawg but my desire to not be a big ol liar outweighed my desire to not admit my fail.

And then to top that fuck up, I ruined a perfectly darling skirt with this outfit. It looked cute inside my head, but that is apparently all. I look like a pirate clown.

The skirt - the skirt is cuuuute. Cotton a-line, and those flowers are sewed on dealies. And putting a striped shirt with it was fine. But then the sheer eyelet shirt, TIED AT THE WAIST WTF WAS I THINKING, and then the polka dot knee socks. And necklace. Dear gawd.

You guys, I said the point of this blawg all along was to hold myself accountable and to learn. On the latter, I'm not exactly certain what I learned from yesterday's outfit other than that I can in fact go too far.

As for the former, I'm not really certain if claiming fail and moving on is actually holding myself accountable. But whatever. It's not a bad start.

Next post will be not so loserrific, promise.



  1. Oh Madeline, I can't bear to see you disappointed in yourself. But I understand, since I'm the Queen of that. But just remember that you are amazing, remarkable, and fabulous.

  2. My computer screen is tiny small so I mostly see these posts in segments. When I read the words "pirate clown" I had to scroll back to see what you were referring to. I have to admit I literally (as in literal, not figurative) laughed out loud -- not the quote unquote LOL so often seen upon these here internets.

    Without risk, there is no art and with risk comes the occasional pirate clown. Despair not! Every day brings another opportunity for a cute outfit. And truly, who among us hasn't worn something regrettable? In my case, far far more regrettable that today's MLIC PC outfit.

    Re: The Hunger Challenge, I've been thinking and talking to people about this a LOT the last few days. I'd never heard of it until you hipped me to it through this here blawg, so THANK YOU for doing what (would be for me) something hard that creates awareness. I am mucho impressed that you took this on.

  3. In an interesting coincidence, I happened to see a job posting for a Pirate Clown (which is, I think, a clown FOR pirates, rather than a clownING pirate or a piratING clown) on the other day. Not that you need another income stream, what with goat cheese being on the near horizon and all...

  4. Yer funny! Hey, are you on medifast? did i already ask you this?