Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Date night

Yeah. So, for our birthdays, the mister and I decided to get new glasses and go to dinner at a wonderful restaurant. We did that. It was lovely. I kept trying to extend the night by going different places and such. Mostly because I wanted the part where I ate bread to last and last and last. Bread is divine. Good bye again bread! See you in a few months!

This outfit has been hanging on my ready-to-wear rack for awhile but it wasn't right. Then Alice came over and swapped the white t-shirt for mustard, the pink cardigan for charcoal, the silver chain belt for brown, and the shoes...she matched it with brown/polka dot wedges. What? What? I KNOW. Who knew?

  • Larry Levine embroidered white skirt $6
  • Mustard polyester mock turtleneck $3
  • Ivory/black floral blouse $5
  • Brown belt $2
  • Charcoal cardigan $5
  • Brown clip ons $1
  • Bangles $3
Not thrifted:
  • Not Rated brown and white polka dot wedges $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • This photo ain't right. I'm sorry. I can't can't can't take the photo late at night with a shitty camera and expect anything to translate. But...the mustard top was genius and brown with the black? Yes. Prevented any inkling of matchiness from ruining the getup.
Total outfit cost: $45


PS. Are you sad that skirt month is almost over? I am not. This was hard. Y'know, not hard in a "scheme of the world" way but hard to come up with a new skirt every day. And pictureize it. And blawg. You know.

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