Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, this.

Mister Cardigan: WHAT is going on with your clothes in our bedroom?
(surveying the remnants of Hurricane Will (the Good) currently ravaging our entire bedroom)

Lady Cardigan: What?

Mister Cardigan: Is there something I can do? Can I take some of the clothes away?

Lady Cardigan: What? What?

Mister Cardigan: I mean, it seems impossible to fathom that you could ever actually put away all of these clothes on your rack and in your drawers. WHAT is HAPPENING in there?

Lady Cardigan: Ummm.


Lady Cardigan: I'm taking my daily photo.

Mister Cardigan: Does this daily photo mean that you actually have 365 completely unique outfits strewn about our bedroom?

Lady Cardigan: Maybe.

You guys, I have a little problem with clothes. In that I like them. And buy them. And I have forgotten what I have and bought duplicate things. And even though Alice came over and lined up a week's worth of outfits, and that's cool and stuff, I am overwhelmed by clothes. I'm thinking about selling and/or giving away things that didn't work for me because of size or style or what have you. Are you interested? Let me know, and let me know what you dig. I will send you things!

  • Christie & Jill silk/cotton crimson cardigan $4
  • Black with tiny pinhead white polka dots straight lined skirt $5
  • Ivory t-shirt $2
  • Green floral/sequin full circle skirt $5
  • Pearl and gold necklaces $4
  • Bracelets $3
  • Pearl clip ons $2
Not thrifted:
  • Paris clocket $20
  • Seychelles orange mary janes $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Well, this feels close...but I still feel a bit thick. Is that my imagination? I'm not sure!
Total outfit cost: $66



  1. I say purge away! Everyone needs to do that from time to time. If you haven't worn it in six months to a year - bye bye. You can now focus on the clothes that actually make you look fabu!

  2. Ha ha! I haven't owned ANY of my clothing for more than six months. I'm all about the purging. I'm interested in if people want anything before I do!