Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thrift crack

No outfit picture today. My outfit was just my uniform but pretty dull and by the time picture time came around, seriously dirty. Cuz, y'know, our goats came home today. And they took a lot of work. Which was dirty work.

Instead: My top eleven irresistible thrift store items, clothing edition! These are the things that I will buy even if not my size (the better for sharing with friends). And I will buy these things even if I have nine of them already. I must stop.

1. The first and most obvy: embellished anything. Beads, embroidery, flowers, patches, appliques, ribbons. Cardigans and skirts. Modern or vintage. Sometimes silk-screened or flat but usually there's texture and such.

2. Polyester pant suits. The matching kind that are basically a pajama pattern with a bit more tailoring. Elastic waisted pants, usually, but sometimes they're flat-waisted with a zipper and button. The top almost seems like a jacket, but you really wouldn't wear it as one. Sometimes you wear a sheer scarf tied at the neck with one. PS: there are four at Out of the Closet in Berkeley as of a few days ago, size teeny, and in really rad patterns. (Picture from Plaid Stallion.)

3. Anything from There. But not any there. Specifically: Chinese, Old-timey western, and Paris. Chinese, especially those jackets with the frogs. I have about nine of them. I have never even worn one cuz I can't figure out how to wear em. Old-timey cowgirl but not too obvious and usually not "repro" - reproductions usually look cheap and silly. But I'm not above them. And, Paris. Of course. But not all of France. In fact, I hate that blue and yellow Provence type look.

4. Vintage lab coats. I know, what? But I like to wear old gold lab coats over my clothes when I'm crafting, cooking, or generally being a big mess. I call them my "smocks." I don't know where I got that.

5. Tshirts with just the right kind of funk on them. Seeing as how I wear a t-shirt practically every day, I like to wear ones that are a little bit more interesting. Today I wore a fairly cool one with "A Great Day in Elk" and a scene of the town of Elk on it. Yesterday was Spaghetti-Os. I really like my "Reno" t-shirt. And I'm coveting one I saw on Etsy that says "Freak out and fuck shit up" on it (like the "keep calm and carry on" signs, y'know).

6. Sheer floral blouses. Blousey blouses. Beltable blousey blouses that I can wear with a shirt underneath and a cardigan over. They are so girly. And kind of grown up. A geometric pattern is good too, but not as good as florals, especially if the florals are in unexpected color combinations.

7. Smocking. I know! Like babies wear on those little dresses! I like the idea of wearing a smocked top and moccasins while I bead my lanyard. Even though I can't bear the idea of moccasins. Flat. Too flat. Smocking is good on its own but also good with stitching too. (Photo from Fashion Manifesto.)

8. Sailor pants. Wide leg, wide waist, buttons on the side-ish. Love. Supremely unattractive on me. Still, love.

9. Patent leather. I'm such a sucker for patent leather shoes and belts and handbags. They make me feel so Fancy. Grown-up ladytimes.

10. Gingham. I have a cotton gingham style shirt in just about every single color. And a pair of pants in red. And the skirt I wore yesterday. I think gingham looks good with everything.

11. Boots. DUH. The good news is that there is truly no shortage of my every day boots: chunky heeled boots of any color, mid calf height. 3 inch or so heels. Every thrift store is loaded with 'em. But I like all other boots too. Except maybe pointy-toed ones. But, I even bought some pointy-toed baby blue boots the other day, so who knows?

Coming up soon: thrift crack, non-clothing edition (and the best places I know of to find 'em).

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