Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is my uniform

This is my pretty much every day uniform. For my real job and my weekend job. Maybe not for a bigtime biz meeting but pretty much everything else. Tshirt, cardi, skirt, boots.

Today, at the inn, this outfit has been good for alfafa-bale-toting, thrifting, front desking, festival attending, and whatever comes next. Maybe even a wedding reception. I know! But dudes, you can get away with a lot when you have dreadlocks. Nobody really gets past them. People expect you to be kooky. So, it's a good scene for me.

  • Vibram lace up black boots $24 (damn I love these boots)
  • Cotton red and white checked skirt with pockets. So great! $5
  • Spaghetti-Os tshirt $5 (I loved spaghetti os as a child. I bet I'd still love them.)
  • Black plain ol' cardigan $5
  • Chunky beaded clip ons $1
  • Gold bandanna headband $2
Not thrifted: Ha ha. Nothing. AGAIN.

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I don't think that the sweater looked all that sssttreetched on the waist area in real life. But I will double check.
  • I pledge to include Scout, the best little man greyhound in the world, in more outfits. He is dazzling.
Total outfit cost: $42

P.S. Do you have a uniform? A go-to thing? De-lurk and do-tell!


  1. I totally am the most boring uniform girl - which is why I need your help Madeline! Work days at the home office its yoga pants and t's and fleece. And "going to town" (other than like, real work business, as you say) is jeans and v-neck tee's and a black fleece (it's cold here you know). So, I think your "uniform" is spectacular, especially with so many variations. Rock on with your awesome thrifting model self.

  2. My uniform --- and by uniform I mean my go to outift for important work impressions --- is black tank, black pants(neither vintage but basic and well-tailored), beige houndstooth Kate Hepburn jacket I got back in LV at The Attic, my Great Grandmother's starburst 40's pin and a Goodwill bracelet I found that is silverish, chunky and very "statement piece." Shoes would depend on season: retro pumps or basic black boots. Unfortunately, I haven't worked my lifestyle to the level you have yet where I can require my hound(s) at the heel. But I'm working on that. Scout does put the bow on your uniform.

  3. My uniform is a pair of slacks and a solid-color polo shirt. I have polo shirts in all different colors of the rainbow. Very, very boring. I keep expecting myself to turn up on "What Not To Wear" and to get reamed by Stacy and Clinton.

  4. Your uniform rocks! I have many fine skirts and a few ok tops, and never am very good at putting them together. So my mostly daily uniform is jeans and a shirt. Boring! Your site is so inspiring. Congrats on the new goat friends!!