Monday, August 15, 2011

This is me. This is my cardigan. Assholes.

So I work with the most whackadoo, generous, and creative people. I really do. They never fail to 1000% amuse and delight with birthday gifts. This year - fittingly, since I started this here blawg - they made me a Very Special Cardigan.

Okay, so they didn't make it-make it. They thrifted and then embellished a lovely cashmere cardigan with handmade fabric buttons around the bottom edge. Of their faces. I KNOW. TOTALLY WEIRD. And I LOVE IT. Just my kind of kooky. My shit photo (closeup below) doesn't do it justice, but basically, the buttons of their faces are around the bottom edge - black and white silhouetted faces. The tag is custom (but hidden, of course). And the button on the front breasty area? It says, "This is me. This is my cardigan. Assholes." We are marketers and this is a variation of a campaign we did several years ago and which we constantly bring up. It probably shouldn't make sense to you unless you actually and in fact work with me. But you'll have to trust me that it's perfect and wonderful and makes me laugh. I am lucky. Lucky lucky.

  • Ivory custom birthday cardigan $0!!!
  • Merona orange, putty, ivory, charcoal skirt $5
  • White tshirt $4
  • Bangles $3
  • Clip on pearls $1
  • Pearl necklace $2
  • Old brown beatup boots $10
Not thrifted: Nothing!

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I received the cardigan at work today and check out how perfectly it matches the skirt. I think it would look better with a straight skirt though. Full and full = too full!
Total outfit cost: $25

PS: Here's a closeup of the buttons. So, so, cute! I loves it, I do.

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