Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is for Alice

A little bit romantic, kind of 30s, feminine, layered...that's how my dear guru Alice styles me. Never ever in one million years would I have picked that style for me, nor had a clue how to do it until Alice showed me how. This outfit is kind of like a final exam. Alice, if you're reading this, delurk and tell me how I did (that means you should leave a comment already).

  • Tight black cardigan embellished with some sheer lacy flowers $5
  • Sheer gray, black, and citron floral blouse $5
  • Black undershirt $3
  • Ann Taylor Loft black, gray, and taupe tweed-y skirt with silkscreened pattern, a coupla sequins, and a velvet hem $7
  • Black patent leather t-strap heels $7
  • Citron and silver clip ons $1
  • Black patent leather wide belt $2
  • Bangles $3
Not thrifted: Nothing. Damn, I'm on a roll!

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:

Nothing, really. Nothing! I'm really goofily proud I put this one together. I could have just worn the blouse with a simple skirt, or just stopped at the blouse and skirt here. I think that's...the boring-est choice. That's just a skirt and blouse. But this - it's interesting. It's a style. I think that it's all the layers, the pattern and pattern, the too-small-ness of the cardigan, and the right weight of all the layers. I think. My colleague Heather commented this morning that she wouldn't have thought this would work but whaddya know. Damn. I think it does.

Total outfit cost: $33


  1. ooh.. I really like this one! Looking good!

  2. Very, very pretty! This fits you beautifully and shows how slim you really are. Layering can = hiding your light under a bushel but NOT when it's done like this. Bravo!