Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hammer time. Like as in the pants.

Sorry. But I really felt like I was wearing Hammer pants when I was wearing these pants. I mean, they don't have the business in the crotch area nor the cinching at the ankle. So, they're not hammer pants. And really, I like them actually. Plus, also, and please note, I continue to Try New Things.

This was my travel outfit for a trip to Chicago, and the picture was taken late in the evening. After a stroll by the river. Balmy and all that.

  • INC black cashmere tie-in-the-middle shrug $4
  • White tshirt $4
  • Black and white striped wide-legged, wide-waisted pants $7
  • Gold braided belt $2
  • Gold clipons $1
  • No Boundaries black patent leather low platform pumps/ankle straps $7
Not thrifted:
  • Paris clocket $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Hmm. This does accentuate the belly area in a way that maybe isn't good. But I felt super comfortable. So maybe who cares.
  • Wrong shoes. I don't know what the right shoes would be though. Huh.
Total outfit cost: $45

P.S. Today is August. Tomorrow is September. And that means....30 Skirts Hath September! Woo! Crazy new to us skirt month! Life is good!


  1. I wanna see the non-Hammer-pants from the front. They seem to be absolutely adorable, or perhaps your personal adorability just oozed out all over them. Dunno.

    On another note: here's another possible twist fer ya...

    What about a "Month of Style" month wherein you take a photo every day of someone you see who has a strong sense of their personal style (because, after all, isn't that really what matters when one speaks of style?). Include why that person seems "style-empowered" as opposed to the rest of us who just have ersatz style (I love that word: "ersatz"...thanks for giving me an arena in which to use it!).

  2. Dudes, I don't have a pic of the pants from the front. Sorry!

    JC, love your idea but I have had no luck getting even one person to be a guest cardigan (well, I did get one, but she was trapped in my backyard), let alone a whole MONTH. But, still, I am kind of boring so I will start stalking the stylish sooner rather than later.