Friday, July 22, 2011

Third time is actually, I think, a charm

Okay, so I've been determined to make this one cardigan work - it's the gold silk cardigan with pretty sheer edging on the sleeves and bottom. I loves it! Two separate occasions proved vexing. My friend Allison commented that "maybe it didn't want to be buttoned." And then the other of the super-stylish A's, Alice, paired it with one of my favorite skirts for a speaking engagement, along with nude high heeled maryjanes and a similarly beigey scarf. I wish I'd taken the photo during the day to do it justice but I woke up 2400 miles away, did all manner of bizness, spoke at said speaking engagement, flied myself home, cleaned the bathroom, and then remembered to take the dang photograph.

Third time is the best. See?

PS: Yes, the first photo is very nice. Daytime in my house. The second photo is weirdfaced and bluelegged, but still a better photo. But the third time is the best for that sweater for sure. Damn it didn't want to be buttoned. The girl's division is a lot happier without the buttoning, y'know? Another GAMECHANGING* lesson I've learned on this here blawg.

PPS: I would also like to say, "damn, I have the freakin' prettiest skirts." I do.

PPPS: I am very tired but managed to get this here blawg post duly blawgged because some people have told me that they do not like it when I skip too many days. I know! Sleepless nights wondering what the fuck I wore.

PPPPS:*I hate that word.


  1. Let the sweater tell you what it wants! (wait, that sounds like some kind of Obi Wan Kanobi shit, ugh, you know what I mean)

    Third time definitely the charm.

    You DO have the prettiest skirts.

    Anything "nude" is my FAVE right now, I'm on a kick.

  2. Also, an unbuttoned cardigan is a kick time to showcase a big, beautiful chunk of necklace (it's a presentation platform, doncha know!).