Sunday, July 10, 2011

One more round

That was fun. The who-wore-it-best, me-or-me edition. I mean, fun for ME. So here we go again. Three versions of the same skirt in quite different ensembles. Also, hair.

Did I wear it better or did I wear it better? Scroll down for my vote...

I was most comfortable, y'know, ME, in option a (I wore it yesterday, during a plum crazy day at the inn). But option c is just a better, sweeter, girlier photo. So that's what I went with. You? It's okay. You can vote silently in your head. But how will I learn?


  1. Going to try again (voted for A yesterday but it didn't make it into your comments.

    I think that skirt probably goes with everything, it's so cute and versatile but my ultimate vote goes for A. Maybe your comfort shines through but this feels the most natural and less a construct than the other two. That said again, they are all really cute and sharper than I ever dress :)

  2. I like all three looks, they are all so different.
    I'm going to break down what I see.. option a): I'm relaxed, look good, feel good. I can wear this anywhere. Option b): There is hard work to be done and by golly it will get done.. even if I have to work these pretty fingers to the bone.(maybe the plaid takes me back to the ranch) Option C): It's business! I'm a classy lady who get's shit done and looks good doing it..and no I don't need you're help.

    funny huh?

    I think option "a" is the most you. You look the most comfortable. I love that skirt though, who knew you could get so many awesome different looks with one skirt.. it's a gem!

  3. I see that A is most your style, but I like B the best. Guess it's most MY style :)

  4. hey, thanks for voting on this here blawg. I like you guys the best, for realzies.

  5. I think C is the smartest (using it in the fashion sense, not the intelligence sense) and you know me, I like me some fancy. So I pick C.

    That said, A & B are perfectly darling outfits and incorporate many of the fashion concepts that I hold dear: "It's the dichotomy baby!" AKA "mixing it up" (pairing the beaded sweater with the rock n roll t-shirt) and "don't be afraid of Theme to the Extreme" (cowboy shirt, cowboy boots, country girl skirt).

    I agree that this skirt is a WINNER and has proven it's versatility and adorableness. Yay, skirt!

  6. Love "don't be afraid of Theme to the Extreme!" LOVE!