Monday, July 25, 2011

I want to have this outfit's babies

I have to say that Alice is brilliant. She is in love with this shirt and has been jonesing to use it since, well, the last time she used it. When she put it with the short pants (which I love...not just these short pants, ANY short pant situation), I told her "no, those pants are LINED. They are for WINTER. Also, I can wear white shoes now. It is SUMMER." But she persisted and there we are with an outfit I love. Don't look for a "what I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo" because today - there ain't one.

  • Black silk cardigan $7
  • Ann Taylor black/grey tweedy short pants $7
  • Bronzey braided belt $2
  • Chunky pretty purple and gold clip ons $3
Not thrifted:
  • Notations silk green/blue/ivory checked oversized blouse with ruffley v neckline $0 (cuz it's more than a few years old)
  • Diesel Neveau t-strap spectators in moss/pale green/lavender $35 (the most I've spent on a pair of shoes in a reeeallly long time... and they were marked down a LOT. But dudes, these shoes. THESE SHOES. You can see close up photos of them here.
  • Locket with photos of me and the mister in it $0
  • Misc other jewelry $0 (old!)
Total outfit cost: $54

The End

P.S. In other news, I have been two to five pounds away from my goal weight for about two and a half months now. What does this mean? I am incapable of reaching my goal? Yeah, maybe. But it also means that I have pretty much been maintaining for a couple of months now with plenty - PLENTY - of off-plan fun and you know what? I've got the notion that maybe I can do this.


  1. Girl, you are ROCKIN' those pants. I want them. I love Ann Taylor ( her. Always sleek and chic) but haven't been able to stop by the Loft since I left the land of the less-weighty and rejoined the more roundy people. Now that I'm heading back to the LoLW, I'm hoping to pick up some awesome threads there. Also...great news for the tiny town of Albany, potential new Goodwill where dead Blockbuster once lived. Thrifting jackpot!!

  2. Hey thanks! One of my dearest friends loves Ann Taylor too, but I've never been inspired by their stuff. Just all sort of seemed like grown up clothes. NOW I'm thinking they're the classy base on to which you can pile up the crazy. goodwill so close to me....YAYYYY.

  3. Yahoo on maintaining! Your style is fabulous (always has been), but I'm enjoying all the new looks now. You looked even more amazing in person. It was so awesome to see you in DC! I tried posting a comment after your visit, but when I checked later, it wasn't there. Boo. I'm in the Bay Area now for a little cool weather fun time. Hopefully I'll get the chance to see you!