Thursday, July 7, 2011

I can't help it

I love the design aesthetic of The Brady Bunch (in lots of ways, but this here blawg is about the clothings). And not the hipster-style Peter Brady shirt with skinny jeans and keds. I'm talking Mrs. Carol Brady. I love pantsuits. I love polyester. I love the hairdos. Love it all.

  • AB Studio shiny fake denim sailor-style wide-legged flood jeans (a find! treasure!) $7
  • Off-white tank top $4
  • Homemade 60s polyester geometric print shirt $5
  • Silver belt $2
  • Brown and ivory docs $10
Not thrifted
  • Silver clocket, Modcloth $24
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I look so fucking short. But I still love this outfit.
Total outfit cost $52


  1. Homemade for real? I love that shirt!!!

  2. I think you are rocking this outfit and the only thing that might make it more '60's would be a nice pair of orange kitten heels...but that's only if you are a kitten heel-wearing kinda person.

  3. Sallllly: homemade for real. No tags and the home sewing-ness totally shows, right down to some kind of fucked up button situation. The sewer added snaps between the buttons to make sure it held good.

    Jennifer: I have kitten heel fear. I think I look like that girl pig on the muppets when I wear those kind of heels. I can wear nineteen inch chunky heels no problem but an inch of teeny and I'm afraid I'll fall off them. But I LOVE the way the look on other people. I just got a pair of semi-kittenish heels that I'm gonna wear one day soon, though!

  4. What are you saying to me with the Brown & White docs?! I didn't know they came in that color way! I'm on my fourth pair of Black & White. Where are those size 8 Brown babies hiding?

    *envy* *envy*

  5. It may be entire possible that I have an extra pair of brown and white oxfords that are too small for me. I think we ought soon have to score some fun passes for a shoe exchange!