Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dearest People

Hello there, people. It is Wednesday, 12:30am eastern and I am on an aeroplane home from the hot swampy east to the unexpectedly wet west. My flight is quite - QUITE - delayed. So, there's that.

I would like to share that this post is in honor of Caitlin. Caitlin is my friend in DC. She used to live in Oakland but now has to live in DC because certain people are now president of the united ding darn states of america and she is, if nothing else, a patriot. Her husband has a very, very large face but is otherwise respectable. Caitlin is also the mother of two beautiful, funny, smart children who entertained me with their hiding, food-throwing, book selection, dear smileyness, and interesting big smallness. Also, she gave me wine, broccoli, and a ride home and I am bribeable. And she reads this here blawg and that is AWESOME. Hello Caitlin and THANK YOU. Sorry about the part where I spilled on your couch.

For today...I have no picture. BUT even better. I have a video. It is part of a larger, more ridiculous video that will be on the facebook, if you know me irl. The thing is, this here video is important.

It's important because a) i am on video. b) i am wiggling, aka dancing. c) i am wearing a tshirt, shrug thing, and skirt in MOTHERFUCKING PUBLIC and also on video without the benefit of layers and coverups and apparently I am therefore officially comfortable with my actual own body which I really can't believe. if this is a mystery to you, okay, carry on. But some people reading know. You know what I'm saying here and even though I have a few pounds to go til goal, fuck, I WIN. I WIN. I WIN. there you go. And fyi, you've seen all but the shrug thing before, so no need to go into the details anyway.

p.s. i am kind of drunkietimes now and also when this video was taken.

pps. that is because i am at an airport and avoiding my normal airport existential crisis involving tears, guilt, love, desperation, and copious writing of email by barcrawling with coworker brianna.

ppps. brianna's name is not brianna's real name. i have thoughtfully protected the innocent.

pppps. brianna opened my craisins for me right here on this aeroplane while i was writing this blawg post and is therefore HEROIC.

The End.


  1. Madeline! This is my favorite video of you ever OTHER THAN the one I was there for. The one in the wilds of northern-northern California.

    Dearest LRY

  2. "anonymous," if you like that video, then you will LOVE this video:

  3. "Her husband has a very, very large face but is otherwise respectable. " Laughing. so. hard.

    So cool that you got to hang out with them! Miss those folks.

  4. OK, firstly of all, you write splendidly while a little bit drunktimes. I admire that quality greatly and share it.

    In secondness, no damn wonder you feel comfortable because there is no denying that you look grand. Very respectable and with no big face qualifier like that of husband above.

    Thirdst, that skirt is really cute the way it moves and flips. A keeper!

    Roman numeral IV, I have a cute embroidered floral skirt for you that fits me not.