Monday, July 25, 2011

The B is for BIEBER

Heather B! Lady Cardigan's first guest cardigan!

Heather B sports this sort of understated cool thing. She's long and lean, yet curvy in all the right places. She is also half my age. (For all these reasons, I hate her.) (No I don't. I'm not like that.)

She calls her style "reluctant hipster on a military surplus kick." It consists of almost always form fitting pants, I think the young people call them skinny jeans - and damn, she can wear 'em and she DOES have hips like a lady proving that you don't have to be a 15 year old waif to rock that shit. She usually has quirky t-shirts too, like this one she wears that has two crossed axes on it. But where she totally shines is her etsylicious jewelry. Every day, it's something handmade, unique, and funky. Love that.

I took a picture of Heather B in my sunny jungle-like backyard during our staff retreat for one reason: she is demonstrating the perfect wearing of the tight short cardi, no? The cardigan is butter lemon (too yellow to be butter; too creamy to be lemon), classic, and loved (it's even torn a scosh in the back which demonstrates that she is also punk rock). The shirt, from Therapy in SF's Mission (OF COURSE!), is pin-striped and has a nifty little belt thing that you can't see but it gives it a waist and a kind of horsey feel (which makes sense because she digs the horses). Let us also note the popped collar. Yeah, she did that.

I get to work with Heather B practically every day, and we're talking about joint purchasing fancy time shoes and sharing them. That's how we do it at Watershed, people.


  1. Y'all must adopt me,immediately.

  2. I miss you, Heather, and your etsy-liciousness! Also, staff retreats at Madeline's house. ::sigh:: In addition to being a guest cardigan, you are also a guest dykes who look like justin bieber in my book. :)

  3. Too bad I have such big feet. I'll have to do my fancy time shoe co-purchasing with Mark Fritzel.

  4. Miss you too, Ln! I was reminiscing about that retreat at Mad's back in '07 on my first day and thought of you and Diane back to back playing the shapes game. Memories! Hope Ashland's treating you well.

    Nzinga you and I totally have the same size foot so you should get in on the communal shoe wearing (that makes it sound less appealing).

  5. I love a person who pops a collar! Well done. Diane Keaton does it and she's freaking fabulous.