Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday and I AM IN LOVE

I am not in love with anything special. Or anyone special, besides the mister. But I am in love with, oh, everything: fridays, a few days vacation coming my way, the goat house that is almost done, hosting friends at the inn, summer, and the farmer's market. It's the little things, people. Like basil, fava beans, onions, blackberries, strawberries, pluots, zucchini, and oh many other things!
Plus swingy skirts always make me happy. Or maybe my mood is making the swingy skirt swingier? I don't know.

  • Cotton/nylon black cardigan $4 (yes, I wore it yesterday. what.)
  • Lucky brand tattoo style tshirt with a heart and swallows and yes I know that look is done but I am not DONE with the LOOK $4
  • Swingy ivory Joseph A skirt $7
  • Silver A necklace $2
  • Mudd chunky heeled black boots $10
  • Chunky shiny ivory clipons $2
Not Thrifted:
  • Old black punk belt $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • The skirt is way too big but I like that it hangs real low. This pleases me. But the shirt is too short. Created problematic belly revealage all day (not. pretty.)
Total outfit cost: $29

PS. Oh Cotton. You are the sweetest dog ever and I think you improve any photograph by 198%.

Rose's turn

Top Five Reasons Why I Dig This Get-up:
  1. I kind of look like a gypsy! And gypsies are cool and funky and a teensy bit in costume all the time (which, really, is pretty much all I ever aim for)
  2. Pattern + pattern = WIN. I started with the skirt and do you know how many times I reached for a "matching" shirt? It's irresistible but ultimately...boring. To me at least.
  3. I'm wearing a FLOWER in my hair! Like a character in a book. Humorously, though, this flower was backed with velcro and I have now learned a rather painful lesson about how velcro adheres quite rigorously to dreadlocks. Ouch.
  4. I kind of look french! And frenchies are cool and funky and a teensy bit in costume...etc.
  5. The skirt is size four. HA HA HA HA. Actually, it's offensive. I mean WTF? I wear size 12 or maybe 10 for reals most of the time and I have no problem with that. Does the maker of this skirt disrespect me so much that they think I need to be lied to and have my ego massaged in order to buy and wear this skirt? Please. Irritating.
  • Merona cornflower blue, coral, yellow, and putty stiff-ish cotton skirt $7
  • Chaps/Ralph Lauren black and white striped cotton/nylon shirt $4
  • Cotton/nylon black cardigan $4
  • Black lace-up combat boots $15
  • Black scarf with orange satin flower $1
  • Blue/off white plastic clip-ons $1
Not thrifted: N-O-T-H-I-N-G !

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I need a new bra. The End.
Total outfit cost: $32

PS: You can always click the photo (and then click it again) to see it real close up, and then really real close-up. IF YOU MUST!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Knee socks! Really crazy high shoes!

Okay, so I set out to do this new thing. Knee socks with high heels. I felt 187% self-conscious all the damn day. I mean, I am a Grown Up Lady with a Real Job and I'm wearing gold knee socks with high heels and a skirt. Huh.

But then I took this picture, and I ask: did you notice the knee socks? No. You did not. You noticed that dear gawd I need a belt or some sort of adjusting in the top areas. Right?

It is entirely possible that just a couple months into this experiment I am overthinking things. I don't know.

  • Cabi lined, pleated black, white, tan skirt $4
  • Apostrophe tan cotton ruffled tshirt $4
  • Dick & Jayne sequined cardigan $7
  • Nina Dolls extra high and extra cute shoes $5 (check out the picture below - they are so so so sweet but rather uncomfortable. in fact I believe I heard myself say today that I had to take them off halfway to the liquor store.)
  • Gold costume jewelry set (necklace and clipons) $2
Not thrifted:
  • Gold knee socks $0
  • Black scarf $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Oh my fucking gawd please get me a belt toot sweet.
  • Now that I have that out of my system, what about those knee socks? I'm thinking they're fine but no big either way, no?
Total outfit cost: $22

PS: Yeah these shoes are rad - mine are black, though. And yes the satin ribbony shoelaces are the best part:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The other day, a friend said something to the effect of "so now you're a fashion blogger." Ha ha ha haha haha. Babies, this here blawg is about S T Y L E. Nothing but.

Fuck fashion, who cares about that. I am a style whore/snob/sucker. I scan the room for style (and power. But I think the stylish people often have the most power. Over me at least!). It's style that makes me swoon. Style, for me, could be your rad rings (I have a co-worker who wears the RADDEST rings and she is stylish beyond stylish in my book). It could be your trademark silver chunky jewelry. It could be your keen hairdo (HI!). Or it could be the whack-a-doo passion in your voice. It's anything. It's...something. And absence of style makes me *miss* you. Overlook you. That's embarrassing to admit because it's usually stupid. Also wrong. Some of the best people I know are not the teeniest bit stylish. So there's that.

Style has nothing to do with weight, y'know. Even when I weighed nearly 100 pounds more than I do now, I always - ALWAYS - felt stylish. Not pretty, maybe. Not HAWT. But, again, fuck that shit. I always felt like I wore my skin happily and well and that you wouldn't probably mix me up with anyone else. Still do. Lucky.

Speaking of style, thrifted:
  • White beaded cardigan $7
  • Red/white flowers homemade skirt (thrifted, but still clearly sewn by a person - thank you stranger!) $4
  • Black patent leather wide belt $2
  • Ecco patent leather t-strap oxford heels $7
  • Bone flower clipons $3
  • Sheer scarf headband $1
Not thrifted:
  • Black/ivory floral crepe blouse $0 (super old)
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • The sweater was okay...but bulkyish and not perfect. I think I should have worn a cardi that didn't have that band at the bottom. A little swingier. The outfit didn't really need a sweater but it was freaking cold today. I KNOW. What can I say east coasters? It's cool here.
  • I don't know if I needed that belt. Maybe better without.
Total outfit cost: $24

P.S. Yeah, this is one more Alice-picked-getup.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I want to have this outfit's babies

I have to say that Alice is brilliant. She is in love with this shirt and has been jonesing to use it since, well, the last time she used it. When she put it with the short pants (which I love...not just these short pants, ANY short pant situation), I told her "no, those pants are LINED. They are for WINTER. Also, I can wear white shoes now. It is SUMMER." But she persisted and there we are with an outfit I love. Don't look for a "what I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo" because today - there ain't one.

  • Black silk cardigan $7
  • Ann Taylor black/grey tweedy short pants $7
  • Bronzey braided belt $2
  • Chunky pretty purple and gold clip ons $3
Not thrifted:
  • Notations silk green/blue/ivory checked oversized blouse with ruffley v neckline $0 (cuz it's more than a few years old)
  • Diesel Neveau t-strap spectators in moss/pale green/lavender $35 (the most I've spent on a pair of shoes in a reeeallly long time... and they were marked down a LOT. But dudes, these shoes. THESE SHOES. You can see close up photos of them here.
  • Locket with photos of me and the mister in it $0
  • Misc other jewelry $0 (old!)
Total outfit cost: $54

The End

P.S. In other news, I have been two to five pounds away from my goal weight for about two and a half months now. What does this mean? I am incapable of reaching my goal? Yeah, maybe. But it also means that I have pretty much been maintaining for a couple of months now with plenty - PLENTY - of off-plan fun and you know what? I've got the notion that maybe I can do this.

The B is for BIEBER

Heather B! Lady Cardigan's first guest cardigan!

Heather B sports this sort of understated cool thing. She's long and lean, yet curvy in all the right places. She is also half my age. (For all these reasons, I hate her.) (No I don't. I'm not like that.)

She calls her style "reluctant hipster on a military surplus kick." It consists of almost always form fitting pants, I think the young people call them skinny jeans - and damn, she can wear 'em and she DOES have hips like a lady proving that you don't have to be a 15 year old waif to rock that shit. She usually has quirky t-shirts too, like this one she wears that has two crossed axes on it. But where she totally shines is her etsylicious jewelry. Every day, it's something handmade, unique, and funky. Love that.

I took a picture of Heather B in my sunny jungle-like backyard during our staff retreat for one reason: she is demonstrating the perfect wearing of the tight short cardi, no? The cardigan is butter lemon (too yellow to be butter; too creamy to be lemon), classic, and loved (it's even torn a scosh in the back which demonstrates that she is also punk rock). The shirt, from Therapy in SF's Mission (OF COURSE!), is pin-striped and has a nifty little belt thing that you can't see but it gives it a waist and a kind of horsey feel (which makes sense because she digs the horses). Let us also note the popped collar. Yeah, she did that.

I get to work with Heather B practically every day, and we're talking about joint purchasing fancy time shoes and sharing them. That's how we do it at Watershed, people.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Musicals + Cowgirl = LOVE

I never really liked t-shirts that had shit on 'em. Now I do. Especially odd little things that aren't logos for companies I hate nor cheesy (bad cheesy) swim club membership type things etc. Odd little things. Like this t-shirt, which is an advertisement for a community production of Annie Get Your Gun. A little bit musical, a little bit cowgirl, and a whole lot of love (from ME).

  • Annie get your gun t-shirt $4
  • Black with tiny pinhead white polka dots straight lined skirt $5
  • Brown chunky heeled boots $7
Not thrifted:
  • ModCloth NonPareils white with brown dots top $38
  • ModCloth Paris clocket $20
  • ModCloth This Belt is a Shoe-in $25
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I really like the idea of shirts like this - a little blousey, but still shirty, belted etc. But I think maybe it's too blousey, or something. Not exactly sure.
Total outfit cost: $99 (!) (Sheesh!)

PS: Exciting news in Cardigania! Our first guest cardigan wearer! Watch this space to see the mystery unfold!

Third time is actually, I think, a charm

Okay, so I've been determined to make this one cardigan work - it's the gold silk cardigan with pretty sheer edging on the sleeves and bottom. I loves it! Two separate occasions proved vexing. My friend Allison commented that "maybe it didn't want to be buttoned." And then the other of the super-stylish A's, Alice, paired it with one of my favorite skirts for a speaking engagement, along with nude high heeled maryjanes and a similarly beigey scarf. I wish I'd taken the photo during the day to do it justice but I woke up 2400 miles away, did all manner of bizness, spoke at said speaking engagement, flied myself home, cleaned the bathroom, and then remembered to take the dang photograph.

Third time is the best. See?

PS: Yes, the first photo is very nice. Daytime in my house. The second photo is weirdfaced and bluelegged, but still a better photo. But the third time is the best for that sweater for sure. Damn it didn't want to be buttoned. The girl's division is a lot happier without the buttoning, y'know? Another GAMECHANGING* lesson I've learned on this here blawg.

PPS: I would also like to say, "damn, I have the freakin' prettiest skirts." I do.

PPPS: I am very tired but managed to get this here blawg post duly blawgged because some people have told me that they do not like it when I skip too many days. I know! Sleepless nights wondering what the fuck I wore.

PPPPS:*I hate that word.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When to cheat on your diet and why

I am on an aeroplane (afuckinggain) without the benefit of a bar crawl to smooth out my pathetically rough edges and therefore have unfortunately entered the thoughtful crazytime zone that I encounter whenever I am left to my own devices away from home for hours at a time and usually only at an airport or other travel-related place.

In today's edition of deeply inside my head, we consider when and why to cheat on a diet.

First, and this is important: I reject the idea of "diets" and "cheating" for the most part. Maybe this is because I am a rebel type of person but the word "diet" implies rules and conformity and (thus) "cheating" implies some kind of bullshit "I am breaking the rules and therefore 'bad'" sort of thing. For this I apologize but I presume you are still picking up what I'm putting down because I am using the commonly used "cheating on a diet" frame.

All of the above is kind of funny because, dudes, seriously? I have been on something that could only be considered the world's most serious diet for nearly one year. So I guess I'm a dieter, right? But I am not really all that experienced of a dieter. And, truly, I have no idea how to *really* do this in the long run. Hey, I am figuring it out.

However. I am a cheater. An EXPERT cheater.

Today I cheated on said diet and am perfectly satisfied with my behavior because it conformed with my notion of when, what, where, how, and why to cheat on a diet. Here are my rules. Wait, no. Here are my guidelines:

1. Geezus gawd, never cheat with shitty food. Maybe this should be the ONLY guideline y'know? This entire post was prompted by the fact that I was accidentally but awesomely upgraded on a flight and the food and drink are not only free but rather terrific. I have enjoyed (and I am quoting the menu here): Tapas of balsamic fig-marinated yellow beets tossed with caraway and grapefruit; grilled portobellos and roasted tomatoes with toasted garlic naan and feta; seared salmon and pork belly with baby spinach and broccolini; served with lentils and andouille sausage. Also chocolate and raspberry macarons. So yeah. WORTH CHEATING. But, and this is the important part: no bread. Because I LOOKED at the bread with my EYEBALLS and saw that it was NOT good bread (plus, having been on ten million flights during which I was offered bread I know for a fact that bread on an aeroplanes is almost never ever good). You know what? This meal was not only delicious for an aeroplane, but also delicious for cheating on a diet and being able to say, "yay! good! happy!"

2. Geezus gawd, never cheat with shitty food. I know I already said this, but Guideline Number Two is a different take on the same theme. Sort of. This post was also prompted by the fact that a really great organization called Center for Science in the Public Interest put out a report today about the crappiest of crappy food - they name names - and it was all just so crappy that it reminded me of another reason not to cheat with shitty food. Which is that shitty food is shitty. They point to things like a sandwich at Denny's that is comprised of fried mozzarella sticks put between two slices of bread and grilled. Like a grilled cheese sandwich but entirely kookier. So I realize that some people might say "yum" secretly to this and I get that but...and this is the guideline part of No. Cheating with that is just dumb. If you must cheat with cheese (and, really, I only cheat with cheese when it comes right down to it), I can highly recommend cheating with beautiful blue cheese from Pt. Reyes. Or some handmade goat cheese from the neighbor down the road. Y'know?

3. Cheating for liquor is almost always acceptable. Except if you're an alcoholic in which case, don't cheat with the liquor. Before I started this diet, not one day went by that I didn't consume three pints of delicious, cold beer. And I remember holding that beer in my hand and thinking, "if only I could give up beer, I could diet." Well, I did give up beer and despite the fact that I thought this was entirely totally and completely impossible, I have survived and as it turns out I never cheat with beer. It confounds me. However, I do drink white wine now. Schooners of it. And I like it. Sometimes I have the gin with the diet grapefruit soda. And every so often I splash some malibu rum into my diet root beer. These are Good Cheats. So, the moral of this story is that cheating with liquor is fine when cheating with decent not-so-bad (white-ish in color) (as if there is another kind of white-ish) (like white-ish in personality but not color) liquor. Also, cheating with liquor is sometimes necessary so one might as well learn to do it better than cheating with a sixpack of cold beer and/or seven-and-sevens.

4. Never beat yourself up. No really. When you cheat, it is quite common to then emotionally self-flagellate yourself into a sad and stupid place. Don't. It's silly and a waste of time. Eat your delicious goat cheese, thank the goats that gave it to you, and then move along. Haven't you (we) spent enough time in our lives beating ourselves up? Let's not.

5. Cake, really good cake, is so delicious. I never ate dessert before, when I was not dieting. A bite here or there. But nope, no dessert for me for the most part. Now? I crave sweet things! I do not fucking know why but it's a dumb curse. I mean, I never wanted sweets until I couldn't have them? Wait. That's not a curse. It's a fucking cliche. Oh.

Anyway, now I want sweets. But still, I refuse to waste my sweet tooth on crappy processed sweets though (see guideline number 1). Yesterday I mistakenly wasted a cheat on a coconut ball brought all the way from Hawaii and you know what? Yuck. However today's beautiful and delicious chocolate and raspberry macarons? Yum. Worth/It.

I should be landing from the aeroplane at some point in the near future. I hope you have enjoyed today's visit to the inside of my head. And I can't leave without sharing with you this sweet picture: the salt and pepper shaker (which I have pilfered) on my flight is a little teeny aeroplane. This picture is from a web site called and hopefully I haven't violated the laws of the internet by linking to their excellent photo.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A stroll on the Seine

Alice put the skirt, shirt, and shoes together and I added the jacket and belt. A joint effort. It's all sailor-y yet also frenchy. Is there a better combination of loves? I think not.

  • Perfect little Marchesa di Gresy black wool jacket from I Magnin, maybe 1968 $7
  • Chaps/Ralph Lauren black and white striped cotton/nylon shirt $4
  • Ann Taylor blue skirt with tiny white dots/geometry pattern on it $6
  • Red belt with silver heart and wings, cheesy yet wonderful $2
  • Red, white and blue beaded clip-ons $1
  • Red and black stone charm bracelet $3
Not thrifted:
  • Rocket Dog black suede maryjane wedges with a sweet bow $0 onaccountof age
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I'm just not wild about this skirt length/shape.
  • Other than that, sweet and summery, yeah?
Total outfit cost: $23

PS. Another appearance by the world famous dreadlock sidebun - always cause for celebration!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So yeah. Look at that picture and you'll note that what you see right there in the knee department is some sort of black bike short situation but is actually the tip of the spanx. Because I wear spanx often and much and I think it's silly to keep it a secret.

I don't think spanx and that type of thing do anything other than smooth it all out. It seems to me that back in the day the precursor to spanx was more girdle-ish. This ain't no girdle, yay. Just smoothing out the lumps (those that aren't supposed to be there of course). Comfortable and delightful.

  • INC black cashmere tie-in-the-middle shrug (LOVE THIS) $4
  • Tee Fury tan t-shirt with lizard illustration $3
  • J.P. & Mattie black pleated skirt $4
  • Black laceup combat boots $15
  • Clipons $1
Not thrifted:
  • Leopard tights $0
  • Socks $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I forgot more jewelry. But maybe I didn't need it!
  • I feel so in my skin in this kind of getup. I still can't get over that. A tshirt and a shrug. (Hey is that really a shrug? I don't know these things.)
Total outfit cost: $24

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm like a cake!

Lots of layers!

Trying something here with all kinds of things that I just kept putting on. Including, most importantly, a fake pearl thingy to hold my glasses. Today I spent twenty minutes looking for my damn glasses, so this is not a fashion statement but an unfortunately necessary symbol of my ancientness. Boo.

Not boo, though, is that I went to a thrift store the other day and in the $1 jewelry bin...clearly someone had unloaded their mom's costume jewelry in one fell swoop and I scored tons of clip-ons. Yay!

  • Esprit lambswool collared cardigan $7
  • Woolrich old school lambs wool and nylon knit vest $4
  • Merona (!) pink t-shirt with rosettes $4
  • Talbot's faux denim blue straight skirt $4
  • Brown beat up cowboy boots $10
  • Old belt $2
  • Mess o pearls $5
  • Clip-on rose earrings $1
Not thrifted:
  • Knee socks! $0
  • ModCloth Paris clocket $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I've always most admired outfits in department store windows in which the mannequin has a bunch of shirts and a sweater and a belt...basically, a lot going on. But...maybe I'm just already too much to layer? Y'know, I'm already pretty thick so a tshirt, a sweater vest, and a sweater may just be too many pounds for my already sturdy poundage. I tried belting n the outside and that was kinda worse.
Total outfit cost: $57

PS: Yes, you may click on the photo to see it all close and up. IF YOU EFFING MUST.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dearest People

Hello there, people. It is Wednesday, 12:30am eastern and I am on an aeroplane home from the hot swampy east to the unexpectedly wet west. My flight is quite - QUITE - delayed. So, there's that.

I would like to share that this post is in honor of Caitlin. Caitlin is my friend in DC. She used to live in Oakland but now has to live in DC because certain people are now president of the united ding darn states of america and she is, if nothing else, a patriot. Her husband has a very, very large face but is otherwise respectable. Caitlin is also the mother of two beautiful, funny, smart children who entertained me with their hiding, food-throwing, book selection, dear smileyness, and interesting big smallness. Also, she gave me wine, broccoli, and a ride home and I am bribeable. And she reads this here blawg and that is AWESOME. Hello Caitlin and THANK YOU. Sorry about the part where I spilled on your couch.

For today...I have no picture. BUT even better. I have a video. It is part of a larger, more ridiculous video that will be on the facebook, if you know me irl. The thing is, this here video is important.

It's important because a) i am on video. b) i am wiggling, aka dancing. c) i am wearing a tshirt, shrug thing, and skirt in MOTHERFUCKING PUBLIC and also on video without the benefit of layers and coverups and apparently I am therefore officially comfortable with my actual own body which I really can't believe. if this is a mystery to you, okay, carry on. But some people reading know. You know what I'm saying here and even though I have a few pounds to go til goal, fuck, I WIN. I WIN. I WIN. there you go. And fyi, you've seen all but the shrug thing before, so no need to go into the details anyway.

p.s. i am kind of drunkietimes now and also when this video was taken.

pps. that is because i am at an airport and avoiding my normal airport existential crisis involving tears, guilt, love, desperation, and copious writing of email by barcrawling with coworker brianna.

ppps. brianna's name is not brianna's real name. i have thoughtfully protected the innocent.

pppps. brianna opened my craisins for me right here on this aeroplane while i was writing this blawg post and is therefore HEROIC.

The End.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi, I am in a hell-like place of severe heat. Blech. Yet, I must do the bizness while here. Impossible. And, most importantly, no cardigan is possible. Sad.

  • Awesome and wonderful Cabi lined pleated skirt (this photo doesn't do it justice, I swear) $4
  • J Jill off-white tshirt $4
  • Basic Threads sheer swiss dotted cotton shirt $4
  • 1962 Seattle world's fair scarf $1
  • Bangles $2
  • Orangeish braided wide belt $2
Not thrifted:
  • Seychelles orange high heeled maryjanes $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I don't know! What do you think?
Total outfit cost: $37

Monday, July 11, 2011

Travel duds

When I travel for fun, I go old style with a special outfit and all that like a lady in the 40s. But, not so much when I'm traveling for work to a destination described most affectionately this week as a swamp. Ahem. Also, blech.

Anyway. Layers. Comfortable but not entirely without style. Still, no jewelry, no laceup boots, no nothing. And that is why I get to take the fucking fast lane in security, people. Because I KNOW how to DO it.

In other news, Geena Davis was on my plane. She is tall, normal-sized, and looks good. But I avoided gaping.

  • Mudd chunky heel black boots $10
  • Elevenses cotton green/yellow flowered skirt (humorously sized 6 ha ha ha ha) $4
  • Man's oversized tux shirt $4
Not thrifted:
  • Elvis Costello tour tshirt $30
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Not one freaking thing. Perfect travel outfit. Also, rock n roll.
  • Oh, well, yeah, maybe I would try to take a photo that included my face. ha ha. Different venue and I don't know where to sit the camera. I'll bet my colleague Brian will really dig being the photographer for the next two days. ha ha, again.
Total outfit cost: $48

P.S. Traveling while not as fat as I used to be is...well, awesome. It's a little embarrassing to admit that. I've traveled a lot for work these past five or ten years, so I got really used to being on planes. Thankfully, I never had to do the whole seatbelt extender thing and I tried very hard to be respectful of seat mates and squish myself into as small a human as I could and still still knowing that the person sitting next to me would be inclined to be irritated by me blah blah blah. While I can't say that I was comfortable, I didn't think I was uncomfortable either. But now? Besides buying clothes, it is probably the place where I notice the weight loss the most. The seat - it fits me now. I'm totally comfortable, even if I'm in the middle of the back row. Which, by the way, is where I will be sitting on my return flight home on Thursday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

One more round

That was fun. The who-wore-it-best, me-or-me edition. I mean, fun for ME. So here we go again. Three versions of the same skirt in quite different ensembles. Also, hair.

Did I wear it better or did I wear it better? Scroll down for my vote...

I was most comfortable, y'know, ME, in option a (I wore it yesterday, during a plum crazy day at the inn). But option c is just a better, sweeter, girlier photo. So that's what I went with. You? It's okay. You can vote silently in your head. But how will I learn?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who wore it better? Me or Me?

I've worn all this before! Not together, but still. Recent. See below and Vote!

  • Gold silk cardigan with pretty sheer edging on the sleeves and bottom $6
  • Harlene golden polyester sleeveless mock turtleneck $2
  • Isaac Mizrahi/Target cotton plaid skirt - orange, yellow, white, blue, more, thrifted/gifted from Allison $0
  • Mudd chunky heel black boots $10
  • Black braided belt $2
  • Vintage red/orange bandanna $2
Not thrifted:
  • Locket from the mister a long time ago $0
  • Gold knee socks $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I love this cardigan, but, how shall I say this kind of accentuates the ladies a bit too much for my taste.
  • I think this photo is kind of shitty. Or something. Because, seriously, I took a better photo in the bathroom mirror with my crap cell phone (see below).
Total outfit cost: $16

P.S. Who wore it better? Me or me?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I can't help it

I love the design aesthetic of The Brady Bunch (in lots of ways, but this here blawg is about the clothings). And not the hipster-style Peter Brady shirt with skinny jeans and keds. I'm talking Mrs. Carol Brady. I love pantsuits. I love polyester. I love the hairdos. Love it all.

  • AB Studio shiny fake denim sailor-style wide-legged flood jeans (a find! treasure!) $7
  • Off-white tank top $4
  • Homemade 60s polyester geometric print shirt $5
  • Silver belt $2
  • Brown and ivory docs $10
Not thrifted
  • Silver clocket, Modcloth $24
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I look so fucking short. But I still love this outfit.
Total outfit cost $52

Another night out? I KNOW!

Yes, indeedy. The mister and I had a date for his birthday at a fancy time restaurant. When I was leaving for work yesterday, he said, "hey do you have a meeting with someone important today?" I said, "Yes! You!"

  • Charter Club hot pink, black, and white floral cardigan $6
  • Savannah black/white checked/plaid wool pencil skirt $5
  • White t-shirt $4
  • Ecco patent leather t-strap oxford heels $7
Not thrifted:
  • Locket $0
  • Paris clocket from ModCloth $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I broke the layering rule! My tshirt and cardigan are the same length which creates a harsh and not so pretty effect. Forgot to check that, dangit.
  • I love these shoes, but they accentuate my cankles, dangit.
  • I should have included my ladies handbag in the photo. I have become addicted to 60s ladies handbags, the kind with the snappy clasp. It is the law that they smell a little bit like old perfume and contain a bit of kleenex and a compact.
Total outfit cost: $42

P.S. Remember, if you just gotta see a the photo! But seriously, why would you?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am wearing a frog shirt

I am wearing a shirt with frogs on it today. That's the news I got for you. I KNOW. UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING.

I've had a whole lot of crazy times of late what with the vacation and then the work and then the holiday weekend with whole running of the inn business. The daily outfit thing got the short shrift. And there were some cute ones in there. I'll just have to wear 'em twice.

Today's clothings aren't much, but they got me through making dozens of homemade chocolates, breaking down a parade float, cleaning a hot tub, washing ten thousand dishes, a long drive home, and a quiet dinner of greens and wine. Not bad.

  • BeCoolBeCoolBeCool black nylon skirt $4
  • St. John's mint green/dark green/taupe polyester crop top $4
  • Mudd chunky heel black boots $10
  • Pearly clipons 50 cents
Not thrifted:
  • Knee socks $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Huh. It looks a bit too blocky. No waist. But maybe that's the photo.
  • I have no idea wtf I am doing in this photo. Looking at the audience while I play my invisible drums? Wiping my hands on my apron when my lawd I see the young mister coming up the road? I don't know. But hey, I shook things up for ya!
  • I am considering washing my hair at some point in this century if I could get five freaking minutes to myself. The bangs are on strike til then.
Total outfit cost: $18.50. But, yeah, calling this an "outfit" is a stretch.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

When the thrift fairies smile on you... find a sweater like this one. Swoonie McSigh. Lined. Thick, abundant embroidery. Wool. Great condition. $5.

When I find something like this, I almost run up to the register to buy it Right Now, before anyone sees it and realizes what a treasure it is and wants to charge me real money. I swear, I find one good thing about once a week. But I don't find everything. Last week, a woman in front of me in line at the goodwill scored a pair chinese red satin embroidered boots and some sailor pants that I would have killed for. All I could think was "if only I'd arrived an hour earlier..."

So yeah, that sweater! Sweet, right? See the close up down there below the rest of the post.

  • Black wool embroidered sweater $5
  • White tshirt $2
  • Patent black belt $2
  • INC black skirt with lime green ribbon stripes (this skirt has been hanging on the Challenge Rack for a month - the challenge rack is where I put items I'd like to figure out) $6
  • Vibram laceup boots $24
  • Blue plastic clip ons $2
Not thrifted: Nothing! Yay me!

What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I was wearing pink socks but you couldn't see 'em. I'd wear knee-highs with this.
  • Not sure about the belt. Hmmm.
Total outfit cost: $41

Friday, July 1, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: I don't think cowboy boots go with this outfit!

I know, right? But...when I was getting dressed I was wearing some short white socks and I thought I should just put on some flats or saddles or what have you. But, no. After several days sans boots, they found their way on to my feet and that was that.

  • Gold silk cardigan with pretty sheer edging on the sleeves and bottom $6
  • Plain pale pink t-shirt $4
  • Lauren Paige a-line, polished (stiff) cotton floral skirt $6
  • Beat up old cowboy boots $10
  • Bangles $2
  • Big green clip ons 50 cents
Not thrifted:
  • Modcloth paris clocket $20
  • Knee socks $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • The shoe area. Saddle shoes, maybe.
  • The sweater is all stretched across the chestified area. It didn't feel tight, but it looks it. Maybe adjust it or something. I dunno.
Total outfit cost $49