Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten (MORE) foods that me and my new (old) clothes can't live without

A bit ago I wrote a post about diet-y foods I can't live without. You can find that post here. Turns out, there are MORE. And lest you think I'm making bank recommending products, I'm not. I'm not opposed to that, but that's not the dealio here.

I should note that I love vegetables. All of them. But, except for arugula, I haven't listed them in my food lists cuz they're kind of duh - as in "duh, eating steamed kale and roasted broccoli is healthy." And also, duh, I like them. I'm only listing here what I think of as the helper foods. The stuff that goes with the delicious vegetables. I never really ate any of these things before because, well, I kind of hate this kind of food. It's all processed and chemical-ly. Totally not my thing. I'm working on that little pile of hypocrisy, but that's a post for another day.

In no particular order:

1. Lightlife Buffalo Wings. The non-breaded kind. They're veg, maybe vegan, not sure. I use the whole package (220 calories, 6g fat, 12g carbs), toss them with arugula, and make a dressing out of nonfat greek yogurt, Laughing Cow Lite blue cheese, and a splash of nonfat milk. Really, really good!

2. Fat free, sugar free Jell-o instant pudding, especially pistachio. Now, listen up. I don't mix the pudding like the box says. I only use about HALF the non-fat milk they recommend. And then I substitute plain ol' water for the rest. It works, and is even lower calorie.

3. Salsa verde. Basically, any kind. Homemade, store-bought, whatever. I also like red salsa of all kinds but salsa verde is my girl. My favorite meal at the Little River Inn for the past ten months has been a child size grilled chicken breast with a huge pile of romaine, all mixed up with warm salsa verde. Delish!

4. Nonfat cottage cheese. Goes good with jell-o. Goes good with salsa. Goes good all by itself.

5. Lite coconut milk. A tablespoon or two of this mixed with some curry and/or PB2 (powdered low cal peanut butter, described here) and/or veggie broth over tofu and vegetables completely satisfies my need for indian and thai food. And sometimes I add it to pudding. Or to non-fat non-dairy whipped topping

6. Diet grapefruit soda and gin. Aka gin and juice. I rarely drink hard liquor, but when I am playing croquet on the great lawn on a summer afternoon, this tastes delightful. It's a greyhound, pretty much. So refreshing! Also, classy!

7. Ceviche. When everyone is digging into cheese enchiladas, I have ceviche. No chips. I order a salad to go with and it and toss it all together. Whatever. It works.

8. Sugar free maple syrup. On my veggie sausage and with my Medifast pancake. Sometimes I mix it with my non-dairy non-fat whipped topping. Oh I know how to live.

9. Sugar free Jell-o. It's not that it is so yummy. It's just sort of refreshing and sweet in a pinch. Some flavors taste ass-ier than others though. I like peach, cherry, and strawberry banana. I have an idea that I'm going to mix them with lite coconut milk but I haven't done so yet.

10. Nonfat, non dairy whipped topping. I really don't want to know what it's made of. I just get the generic brand. I put it on jell-o or pudding. It's not awful tasting.

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