Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A night on the town

We went out. I wore this. I had a cardigan with me, but I didn't put it on because, well, I'm still on vacation windydesertland. But I had it, so I guess I have to count it in the cost thing.

I was also wearing four inch heels - these nine west cuties with the tie-up-the-ankle thing. They're surprisingly comfortable, which is a good thing because our brief stroll from showtime to dinnertime ended up being about 45 minutes. Which is fine given I was, as they say in medifastian, off plan for a couple of days.

45 minutes on the crowded hot streets gave me plenty of time to observe just how damn many people wear clothes that are summery and too small. I'm not talking about 19 year olds in skimpy mini skirts. I'm talking about grown up ladies wearing tank tops and shorts that just...don't fit. What is that? I mean, I know we're all fucked about sizes and stuff (I always wore clothes a bit too big myself) but damn, that look is so unflattering. It was all I could do not to pull people aside and tell them they need to go a size up and they would look and feel ten times better. But what do I know?

Okay, so, thrifted:
  • Nylon black boat neck with rosette on the collar $4
  • Pretty paris skirt - ivories, black, brown, a little burgundy $7
  • Nine west strappy heels $6
  • Bangles $4
  • Sheer brown/ beige scarf $1
  • Brown clip ons 50 cents
Not thrifted:
  • Anthro gold slim belt $28
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Ummm, nothing? What do you think?
  • It is so so so weird that I was comfortable wearing a form fitting top all night. I am not used to that. Nice.
Total outfit cost: $51


  1. This outfit is adorable! I love everything about it. I love the form fitting top. Elegant, stylish, but also accessible and cute. Two thumbs up.

  2. Can i have that skirt when you are sick of it?

  3. You look just wonderful in this!

  4. HEY THANKS all you people. And Renee: DEAL.

  5. This has to be an all-time fav of mine. You look absolutely adorable and very comfortable (even with the heels, which would SO not be on my feet). This says "sexy, confident, energetic" and those are just about my favorite three adjectives after "brilliant" and you had that one wired years ago!