Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jeans and heels

Yeah, I'm trying that. Right here. See? you don't have to wait til the end...No. I don't like it. But, can I really wear a skirt, tshirt, and cardigan every day of my life forever with only the excitement of boots alternating with heeled maryjanes to shake shit up? More importantly, can I blawg about tshirts, skirts, and cardigans forever? Hmmm. Drama right here in cardiganland. Maybe that's why the sullen expression?

  • Sheer swiss dot collared shirt $4
  • White t-shirt $2
  • Floods. I mean jeans. $9
  • Bronze braided belt $2
Not thrifted:
  • Cool fancy brown and silver shoes $20 (But, turns out, 30 mins is the limit on the shoes so they were a waste of dough, boo)
  • Mess o old necklacey things $0
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Oh gawd. What WOULDN'T I change? The overall result is that I look very thick in the middle areas there. Blech. Also, short legs.
  • However. I do like my eye makeup. See-able in the awesome and accidental action shot below.
Total outfit cost: $37


  1. I have to say that this is actually one of my favorite outfits yet! I think you look rad!

  2. Eve, thank you! I can never tell if I'm seeing things through uncomfortable-colored-glasses, so observations like yours are super nice.