Sunday, June 19, 2011

Important meeting outfit!

I had an important meeting today to meet some prospective new members of the family. Dress to impress, but don't try too hard. Sensible shoes. Show flair but don't overwhelm. Reek of responsibility and warmth.

  • Odille indigo tight at the top, swingy at the bottom knee-length skirt $4
  • Beat up old brown cowboy boots $10
  • Brown tshirt with dandelions on it $4
  • Man's white tux shirt $4
  • White acrylic 8th grade style cardigan $2
  • Brown clip ons 50 cents
Not thrifted:
  • This Belt is a Shoe-In (brown horse-themed belt), ModCloth, $26
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I played with the belt a lot and in different places. It ended up lower on the waist.
  • I have noted that my legs are quite white. I will henceforth wear sunglasses before looking at them to avoid becoming snowblind.
Total outfit cost: $50.50

P.S. Who was I meeting? These guys! We're thinking of taking them home...but haven't quite decided. They liked the outfit though!


  1. Nice outfit - just the thing for possibly bringing home two goats! Did you read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver? I loved the goat storyline in that book.

    And whoa - I thought you were wearing white tights! Time to hit the tanning bed. (jk)

  2. Sally! I didn't read that book...but maybe I need to. One thing: do the goats die or get hurt? Cuz I can never read that sort of thing.

    PHOTO QUALITY UPDATE. It may be the settings on my phone that cause extreme whiteness.

  3. The goats do not die or get hurt. They do end up having a VERY good time (spoiler alert). It is a great novel. My favorite of B. Kingsolver's stuff. It is all so interconnected, it gave me CHILLS to read it.

    Yes, I think it must have been photo quality, because today's picture is much less starkly white in the leg department.