Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top ten foods that me and my new (old) clothes can't live without

I don't always write about thrift clothings.

See, the whole plan with this here blawwg is this: If I take pictures of myself wearing clothings that I dig, almost every day, I will stay honest. I will make myself publicly accountable (you know, to My LEGIONS of FANS). I will notice when I don't fit into something. I will basically risk public humiliation if I gain the weight back. (What kind of fucked up mentality is that? I know, but hey, it's mine, and it's kind of working for me so there's that).

In other words, the real point of this whole shindig is to keep the nearly 100 pounds I've lost off, for good. It's all terribly embarrassing, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Speaking of which, a girl's gotta eat. I'm transitioning off the hard core part of my diet during which I ate 800 to 1000 calories per day, very little fat, and low-carbs, and now eating a still low-ish everything diet (but more like 1200-1400 calories per day). Lots of green vegetables and lean proteins (which I love so that's not a big deal) and very little pasta/bread/sugar. These are the items that are helping me do it. [UPDATE: a second list is here!]

1. Shiritaki noodles. Do you love pasta? Me too. Pasta is not something I eat anymore. Until I met shiritaki noodles. Oh my. OH MY. They aren't pasta, but I find that they make a fantastic substitute with some spicy tomato sauce and fat-free feta cheese. My advice: rinse the crap out of them, let them dry a bit and squeeze out the liquid before using. You can find them at any good naturalish grocery store or online.

2. Oysters. I never used to like raw oysters, but am damn glad I do now. They feel like a treat. A half dozen dollar oysters at Cafe Rouge with a glass of white wine and I am delighted. They are high in cholesterol though, fyi, but that's not my deal.

3. White wine. Shut up about alcohol and how you shouldn't drink it on a diet blah blah blah. I GAVE UP BEER. I have a glass of white wine almost every day and two on Sundays (or is it SomeDays?). Calorie/carb wise, it's way better than beer, a scosh better than red, but not as good as straight clear liquor (but I can't really drink hard liquor without feeling icky).

4. Arugula. I have always loved arugula, but love it even more now. When you eat a lot of salads, you realize that lettuce is a gigantic bore for the most part but arugula is not. Arugula is a salad party. Arugula is like the potato chip of lettuce. It is delicious.

5. Fat Free Feta Cheese. Salty and fat-free = perfect thing for me. Yes, I know that salt is not a great thing for a lot of people but I am not one of them. I love my salt, and I love my salty cheese. I put this on everything. EVERYTHING.

6. Non-fat greek yogurt. Everyone is into the greek yogurt now and that's cuz it's YUM. I use it for a condiment on, well, everything. Sugar-free jello or grilled halibut. Etc. I add herbs for savory food and nothing for sweet things.

7. Hollyhock dressing. There's this place in Canada called Hollyhock. It's wonderful for lots of reasons but their salad dressing is right up there. It's made with nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, garlic, tamari, veg oil, and water. Buy the cookbook here. The important thing about how I've made this dressing work for me is by substituting a LOT of the oil with fresh tomato. I can't really explain why it works but it does. And it is delicious on salad and vegetables and fish/tofu.

8. PB2. It's funny, I was never much in to peanut butter, but now there is something that feels luxurious about it. This is a powdered substitute with a lot less fat and calories. You mix it with water. The mister hates it, but I really like it and use it (once again) in sweet and savory ways. I add it sort of like a topping to my diet brownie thing (blech) and I mix it with a tablespoon of lite coconut milk and veggie browth to make a sort of satay sauce for tofu or vegetables. I've never seen it in a store, but you can buy it online.

9. Laughing Cow light cheese. LOVE. It is my cheap, accessible, go-to treat. They make it in lots of flavors but I'm a fan of the plain ol' swiss.

10. Krave Jerky. I debated including this, but I'm merely being honest. I would like to be a person who does not eat meat, but I am not. And this jerky is pretty amazing if you're gonna eat meat - Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky, Curry Beef, Honey Chipotle, etc. It's salty but not as bad as most other jerky, and calories and carbs are pretty great on it. Again, it's a treat. But not at all a guilty one for the most part. You can sometimes find it in the store, but online is easy.

That's it people. You may now go forth and have a lovely day.

[UPDATE: a second list is here!]


  1. LOL - thanks for posting these! (I followed your link on the MF boards.) Some of these I knew about but some are new to me, like the jerky and the hollyhock dressing. Will definitely be checking those out! Congrats on your success so far and best wishes on the rest of your journey!

  2. Loving this blog! I mix the PB2 in with the Greek yogurt and maybe a packet of splenda... Yum!

  3. Hedi - I'm trying the pb2 in greek yogurt today - thanks!