Monday, May 9, 2011

My Life in Cardigans

On August 1, 2010, I started a diet (Medifast, if you want to know).

As of today, I have lost 96 pounds. I am planning for those pounds to stay lost, along with about four more. (Mostly so that I can say I lost 100 pounds.)

Even having lost nearly 100 pounds, I am not thin. Not slender. Not skinny. Nope. But, I am not obese anymore. I am just your average overweight person. But, perfectly and absolutely satisfied with my body.

Before I lost the weight, I wore about a size 20 or 22. I shopped at the big lady store at Macy's and at Torrid, Hot Topic's online store for large sizes. I would buy a couple hundred dollars worth of clothes every couple months. I was healthy and happy.

Life was good, so why lose weight? Well, continuing to gain weight was really not an option. Also, I would like to live forever.

Now, I wear a size 12 or 10. And I've been shopping. OH CRAP. I HAVE REALLLLLLY BEEN SHOPPING.

I quickly discovered that I could shop at thrift stores and find not just okay clothes but amazing clothes. Which is good because my budget cannot, cannot, cannot afford new clothes. I'm perplexed why everyone doesn't shop at thrift stores actually. I mean, when I was fat(ter), it was hard to find clothes that I liked. So I never did. But now? Now? Now I find so much. Maybe it will slow down once I've bought every single thing in the universe. The thing is, I never even knew I *liked* clothes and shopping.

Now I'm kind of committed to this whole gig: I'm proud to say I wear almost 100% thrifted clothes. Not my underbits. And not tights. But pretty much everything else!

But because I've lost all this weight, I'm not entirely clear on what looks good on me. My sweet mister is no help (his comments are just sort of random and kind). And I work primarily with people 20 years younger than me who look freaking adorable every day naturally and I might as well be their grandma. So, I started taking a picture of every outfit so I could figure out what was working and what looked stupid.

What else? I am 45. Married, dogs for kids. Real Job. Crafty. Lots of fun times. Busy as heck. Live in Northern California.

I wear a cardigan almost every day.

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