Friday, May 13, 2011

Little black dress! Something I never thought I'd ever wear!

Wednesday May 11, 2011 - I remember the day that I saw this dress at the local hospice thrift store. I bought it because it was $5, but I wasn't sure I'd ever wear it. A curve hugging tiny looking dress? Uh, no. Also, HA HA. But, it was wool, fifty years old, and in perfect condition. For $5! So I bought it.

The first time I wore it I added an oversized cardigan that I buttoned up. But, dudes, the dress is wool. I was hot. So, I had to take off the damn sweater at a certain point. And, turns out, well, nothing. It's just a dress, my body is my body, and none of that matters to anyone. Not even me! I have a belly, a rack, hips, thighs, you know, girl parts. More than some, less than others. Whatever, whatever, whatever.

Annnnnnywho. Fast forward to today's costume involving aforementioned little black dress.

  • Vintage Carol Brent black wool dress $5
  • Chunky heeled mid calf boots with criss cross stitching on the sides $7
  • Beige cross-hatch pattern cardigan $4
  • Pendleton 50th anniversary retro style scarf $5
  • Plastic and bakelite bracelets $5
  • Vintage wooden bead clip on earrings $2
Not thrifted:
  • Beige lacey tights from Target $7
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • I have no idea how to wear a damn scarf. Little ones, fine. Big ones like this ond with pictures on it? No idea. See how cute it is in the photo below? Really cute!
  • Belt? Belt? Should I wear a belt? I DON'T KNOW. HELP.
Total outfit cost: $35

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  1. I think you have just singlehandedly brought back scarves for me. I went off for a while. But I really love the Bon Chic, Bon Vivant look.

    Well done!