Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Friday May 6, 2011 - Just another day at the office, kind of. I work from my inn on Fridays whenever possible. (Oh yeah, the mister and I own an inn). The rest of the time I work in the Big City or am traveling (for my Real Job).

Working from the inn is basically working from home - in this case, it's the crap 80s mobile home we live in when we're at the inn. For some people, working from home means working in your jams and slippers, but since I will stop working my day job at 5:00pm and begin hosting happy hour at 5:01pm for the inn guests, that means I dress for the day. I like to be a little bit in costume - our inn is sort of vintage-y/retro-y and I like to fit the part.

  • Black skirt, BeCoolBeCoolBeCool brand (?) $4
  • Square necked random tshirt $2
  • Dick & Jayne sequined cardigan $7
  • Chunky heeled mid calf boots with criss cross stitching on the sides $7
  • Vintage jewel-y clip-ons $2
Not thrifted:
  • Black lacey tights from target $7
What I changed after seeing this photo:
  • I added a non-thrifted thin gold belt from anthropologie. I felt like I needed more of a waist (now that I actually have one). $28
Total outfit cost: $57.00 (dang that belt bumping up the price!)

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  1. They have really, really cheap belts at H&M. I didn't buy a belt for years because everywhere I went they were all either leather or $20+ or both. But H&M has lots of great belts for like $4. -Mark Fritzel