Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alice outfit, part 2

Wednesday May 18, 2011 - It's springtime, I'm in NYC, it's drizzly, I'm dressed for spring. I strongly considered tights and boots but I had a gig in the am and wanted to fancy it up a scosh. Plus I'm tired of boots and tights and boots and tights! I may regret this decision later, but I'm wearing heelies and bare legs. I don't care that my legs are white and not pretty. I don't! This is the second of four outfits that Alice worked up.

  • Odille indigo tight at the top, swingy at the bottom knee-length skirt $4
  • Random tanky tee $2
  • Gentle Fawn pale blue jacket $9
  • Old green scrunchy scarf used as belt $0
  • Plastic and bakelite bangles $2
  • Pearly bead earrings $2
  • 1962 Seattle World's Fair scarf $1
  • Vintage yellow handbag $12
Not thrifted:
  • Seychelles orange mary janes $20
What I would change about this outfit now that I've seen the photo:
  • Need my red headband, stat!
Total outfit cost: $52

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